USSR Star Review

GloriousWriter - July 26, 2017
USSR Star Review

About USSR Star Dating Site

USSR Star dating site has collected profiles from the countries of former USSR to create a positive directory for online dating.


What is the service for?

The service is made for supporting online dating among the countries of former USSR and residents of another part of the world.


For whom service?

USSR Star reviews have faced that registered members are happily married and encourage other people to do the same.

The website is created for those who willing to find a loving spouse and create a trustful and strong family.


Site Description

USSR Star service looks very familiar to the style of USSR red star. Witty design with hammer and sickle adds idiosyncrasy to the service and make it attractive for people who think alike.


How to register

Registering process takes around five minutes. Clients can use an existing Google account, or they can create a new profile using an email address. You will have to add your description and the description of your perfect partner. Writing short description is like trying to put the whole life in a few sentences, so it takes time as well as photographs.


Navigation site

The home page of the website has every information the user needs to acknowledge the terms of use, risks, and to read the latest news. There are always interesting articles on relationships and tips for making them stronger. Sing up form is located not the top of the page. It is a way to navigate and user-friendly form that brings your o the new experience of searching partners for life.



Filtering section is rich and helps in finding the best match. Here users can set up age, height, hair color, eye color, education, marital status, children, English level, and even write a few keywords for better search. The rich filtering is one of the best advantages of the website. It helps in finding a partner in a few minutes with the parameters you prefer. Filtering will find your ladies in a few clicks.


How to pay

Registration on the website is free. There is a credit system for communication and other services. Clients have to buy credits to use all the privileges of the service.



The system is easy to remember:

  • 11 credits cost 10 EUR;
  • 20 cost 19 EUR;
  • 50 credits cost 45 EUR;
  • for 100 credits you ahem to pay 79 EUR;
  • for 250 credits you have to pay 164 EUR.

Sending one letter cost 5 credits, two minutes of live chat cost one credit, one credit you have to pay for a photo received via live chat, if you want to watch a video, you have to pay 1 credit. The system is cheaper in comparison to other services.


Payment systems

There are two payment methods: Verotel sales agent and Multicards. It covers most types of credit cards.


Profiles of users

The service is full of girl’s refills fro Ukraine and Russia Look like the service only covers a search for males. Everything on the website is oriented for bride search. A profile has a few photos, general information and a short description which a girl has written about herself or translated by a professional translator. It also includes the description of her perfect partner. All teh profiles look gorgeous. This is a particular feature of all Slavic women: they are good looking and reliable loving wives. USSR traditions have strong family values which are supported till today. This makes all the ladies skilled lovers, caring life partners, and good handmade.


User Region

USSR Star has profiles of women from the countries of former USSR. There are most Russian and Ukrainian ladies who are willing to get married. This region is different from Europe in terms of family values and traditions. More information can be found on the homepage.


Sexual orientation

USSR Star is created for men finding women.


Possibilities of filling and correspondence

USSR Star has a few communication methods. You can have a chat with the lady you have chosen, send her an email, or start the video chat with her. Video chat is the last stage of communication before getting to know each other in real life.


User Security

The website keeps all the private details safely and in compliance with current legislation. Find more details in Terms of Use and Privacy Policy sections.



Safety of every user is protected but not fully guaranteed. The service keeps precautious measures to avoid data leak. However, it is always recommended to use strong passwords, save networks, don’t use public WiFi for payments, and sharing other information. Safety is one of the main aims of the service.


Anti Scum

USSR Star checks every registered user and approves the personality. However, there is always a risk to miss a scuba account who have negative intentions. The website is safe to use, but keep in mind that scammers are everywhere today. Don’t send any money, private details and credit card information in chat or emails. This can lead to very unpleasant consequences.


Advantages and disadvantages of using service

USSR Star is a reliable and nice service to build a strong, friendly family build on strong USSR traditions. However, there are a few things to improve.



  • The team of USSR Star has gathered best ladies who want to get married and be a loving wife.
  • The website has an advisory section with recent articles on relationships and other topics.
  • The registration process takes a few minutes.
  • Every profile is checked personally by a technical representative to avoid scum profiles.
  • The website has rich filtering which helps to find the best match in a few clicks.
  • All the ladies look gorgeous and attractive.



  • The website is not fluent and has an old fashioned design.


Short description

Dating service connects hearts of people who have the same aim. This is the right place to find a beautiful, good-looking wife who will become a loving, caring, and trustful wive. USSR traditions and mentality has made these ladies great at home, who can cook, clean, raise children, and be a professional specialist according to her education. She is a dream of every man.

Rating: 4

Comments on "USSR Star Review"

  • SpartanWarchief

    USSR Star is not the absolute best website in the world. It has its issues. There are problems with search functionality and the number of members is not as astonishing as I would like. However, it is a great place to search for a date if you are into Russian/Ukrainian women. There are lots of really intriguing personalities here.

    Rating: 4
  • Robert H. Howard

    I like this website. It has everything a dating site needs. A great set of filters to make searching for the perfect match easier and a bunch of other options for people looking for a wife.

    Rating: 4
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