LoveSwans Review

GloriousWriter - June 18, 2018
LoveSwans Review

Love Swans dating site was created to allow more people to meet each other. The vast majority of women and men here are Ukrainians and Russians looking for partners from abroad. If you want to find someone special from the CIS region, you can register at Love Swans to start using one of the best online dating websites in the business.


About Love Swans Dating Site

Love Swans has multiple communication options and lots of interesting design solutions that make this website truly interesting for users who are used to comfort and convenience. The overall experience is satisfying, and the number of active users is growing steadily. This is a great place to search for a bride or a groom from Ukraine. This country is famous for its beautiful women and strong men.

What Is the Service for?

The main goal of the website is to help Ukrainian men and women to meet someone from abroad. The vast majority of users here are looking for interesting experiences and do not want to have simple useless relationships that would not last a month. This is a service for those who want to find true love and build a strong family.


Who Are the Target Audience?

The website mainly caters to foreign users from Europe and America who want to meet a person from Ukraine or Russia. The website offers opportunities to both men and women to find their love regardless of their sexual orientation and preferences.


Love Swans Website

Love Swans dating site has all the necessary features to effectively communicate with people that you find attractive or interesting. The design is quite appealing and creates a very concise interface that does not overwhelm users with unnecessary complications.

How to Register

You will need to create an account in order to start using all the features this website has to offer. The registration procedure is quite simple and does not take too much time. After entering your e-mail and password, you will be able to log in. However, some features will be unavailable for some time. You will need to wait until a confirmation letter comes. Use the link provided in the text and activate the account.


You Can Sign Up LoveSwans Here >>


How to Use the Website

All functions are simple to understand and can be used conveniently. This website offers a wide range of tools to meet new people, start conversations, and even talk face to face. If you like easy-to-use and efficient web services that offer convenience and simplicity without compromising quality, Love Swans will most certainly satisfy your requirements.



The navigation bar contains five main menu items that allow you to quickly go from one section of the site to another:

  1. Search. This part of the website offers an opportunity to use filters and search for specific peoples that fit your own set of preferences.
  2. Faces. This is a tinder-like part of the website. Here you can tell the website what people usually attract you. The algorithm will remember your choices and apply them to search for better matches.
  3. Messages. All instant messages and the history of conversations are stored in this section of the website.
  4. Mail. Use this mailing service to exchange long letters, files, and other information with your contacts.
  5. Credits. Here you will see the account balance.



The search functionality is relatively simple and does not have a truly sophisticated set of filters. However, you will still be able to sort people and limit the search field to a number of users that fit your specific criteria. Choose the city of origin, appearance, and many other factors that define your perfect partner.

How to Pay

If you want to read messages, send letters, talk with other people face to face, and use other forms of communication, you will need to purchase credits that are used to pay for nearly all available features. If you want to use the website to its fullest extent, paying for some credits is an obligation.



Having acquired credits, you can pay for reading incoming messages, sending long letters (7 credits per one letter), talking to people in the video chat (1 credit per minute), and watch video presentations recorded by users. Note that you cannot receive contact information or ask for a date until you pay at least 180 credits when building a connection with a specific user.


Payment Methods

Use your credit card or Western Union to pay for the services.


Profiles of Users

A profile contains the necessary information about a user. You will find the geographical location of a user, his/her preferences, interests, short bio, and many other interesting bits of information that will most certainly help you decide whether you are interested in a specific user. Profile information is also used by the algorithm that tries to match you with other users.


View Girls Profiles On >>



The vast majority of users at Love Swans are from Ukraine and Russia. The profile page will specify the home city of a user.


Sexual Orientation

Love Swans dating site is for all kinds of relationships. Homosexuals and heterosexuals alike will be happy to become users of this website where you can meet both men and women.


Possibilities of Exchanging Files and Correspondence

The system of communication is quite versatile. You can talk to any person directly in the video chat, but the vast majority of users prefer to start conversations in the instant messenger. Here you can quickly exchange a couple of lines before starting more complex forms of interaction. You can send files and letters via the mail service.


User Security

All users enjoy high levels of security. Personal data are well-protected by encryption and other measures. Still, we recommend that you use a site-specific username and password in order to avoid leakage of credentials.



Moderators check every single account and verify them manually. This means that you will unlikely meet scammers and fake accounts. However, the registration process and even payments may be slowed down due to the fact that your account will be under scrutiny for the first couple of days.


Anti Scam Measures

Aside of meticulous manual verification of each account, you can report suspicious accounts to the support team. They usually take some measures within a couple of days after receiving a message.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Love Swans

Love Swans reviews usually suggest that the website has no downsides. The problem is that just like any other similar service, this website has its own pack of problems that you will need to address in order to use the website efficiently. Overcoming the paywall is one of them.



  • Thousands of active users;
  • Very good security for all users;
  • Amazingly beautiful women and handsome men from Ukraine.



  • Every single useful feature is hiding behind a paywall;
  • Pictures and videos may load slowly.


Main Takeaway

Love Swans is a great website if you are looking for someone from Ukraine. Both Europeans and Americans will be happy to meet people from this country who are ready to commit to serious relationships.

Rating: 4

Comments on "LoveSwans Review"

  • Michael Sparks

    A very easy-to-use website. Their prices are also quite good. Loveswans is of acceptable quality. I cannot really praise it for being an outstanding service. There are better dating sites (IMHO), but you can definitely enjoy your time here. It depends on what type of women you are looking for.

    Rating: 4
  • Ben

    I don’t really use online dating sites that often, but this site stuck with me. I just cannot stop coming back. Women here are very smart and can keep up a conversation. Many know a lot more about music, movies, and culture than I do. It says something. I’m a huge geek and love when a woman can show some smarts!

    Rating: 4
  • David

    If you are looking for a good time and want to meet an exceptional individual, you will definitely be able to do it here. Love Swans is one of the websites with a rich history. Their members are very intelligent and all undergo a verification process. This is a great insurance against fakes and scammers. I haven’t seen any fishy accounts.

    Rating: 5
  • Ronald L.

    Thanks for the review. It was very informative. However, I would like to add that this website is not the best choice if you are not going to spend any money. Their premium membership is what opens up a lot of opportunities. If you are going to tighten up and close your wallet, you won’t be able to talk to all those amazing women who are willing to talk to you. The paywall is real.

    Rating: 4
  • Ricky Jennings

    If you like an idea of meeting a complete stranger and slowly building with them a lasting relationship, you will be happy to become a customer of this dating service. For a small fee, you will receive an opportunity to meet a person that matches your interests and philosophy. Whether you decide to continue using the service or not, I recommend you to try out their paid services. It’s a game changer!

    Rating: 5
  • Rickey

    A great website where most of the women are Caucasian. I’m not into interracial dating. And don`t call me racist. I do not try to offend anyone. I’m just very conservative in my preferences and would like to date a woman of my ethnicity. I see nothing wrong with that. I respect and love all people of color, but I’m a Caucasian straight male coming from a very conservative family. I want to find a person with similar roots.

    Rating: 4
  • Rob

    I think that you can find a lot of really enjoyable moments while using the service of Love Swans. The admins put a lot of efforts into cleaning up their databases from scammers and fake accounts which plague many dating sites. It is a shame that the industry is in such a weird place right now, but this website is definitely amongst better ones.

    Rating: 4
  • Edward Harris

    I’ve been a loyal user of Love Swans for a long time. They have a very simple website that automatically matches me with people that I might like. The algorithm is not the best in the world and often I end up meeting people I share nothing with. However, some of my matches were near perfect. I like this service and definitely, recommend you to check it out.

    Rating: 4
  • Reginald Garner

    There are several things that caught my attention. I usually do not like websites that only focus on matching me with women. I’m a person of “broader” interests. However, loveswans is a great place for anyone, I guess. Here are some of my observations:
    1. People here love to start conversations.
    2. Women on LoveSwans are very proactive and post pictures regularly.
    3. You can get contact information by simply paying money.
    All these things are definitive upsides!

    Rating: 4
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