J4l Review

GloriousWriter - September 23, 2017
J4l Review

J4l offers its users a wide range of communicational tools and opportunities to meet a perfect soulmate from Ukraine, the country famous for its beautiful women. This website features a wide range of various services. Despite a significant paywall, the experience is quite satisfying.


About J4l Dating Site

J4l is a gateway to the world of outstanding Slavic beauties. These women are notorious for being great cooks, amazing housewives, and passionate lovers. The fame of Ukrainian women is unmatched, and many men from all over the world would risk everything to meet a strong yet gentle woman from this European country. J4l dating site offers all foreigners a unique opportunity to meet someone from Ukraine.

What Is the Service for?

This is an online dating site that functions mostly as a bride seeker. There are no matches, swipes or anything like this. This service caters to male audiences from abroad who want to find a perfect wife in the generous land of Ukraine.


Who Are the Target Audience?

J4l does not try to hide the fact that it wants to create a healthy environment for online dates that could grow into something bigger. This is a website that offers foreign men a chance to find a Slavic wife and build a strong long-lasting relationship.


J4l Website

J4l has a simple yet very functional website with all navigational elements grouped in the upper bar of the page. This is a standard layout that will not confuse anyone. At the same time, the functionality is not overly complicated. All conversations usually happen in the interactive video chat window where you can talk to a person you like face to face.

How to Register

The registration process is very simple. You need to enter your e-mail address, create a good password, and fill out some forms. This takes less than a minute.
There is also an option to log in with your account on Facebook. Note that you will still need to confirm your e-mail address. Some information about you will be taken directly from your FB page.


How to Use the Website

One of the greatest features that this website has is a video chat. Some users will be online when you log in. You can easily find the most active users, receive invitations from them, and engage in an enjoyable video chat conversation. However, you will also need to know how to use other features of the website.


As mentioned above, all buttons and links are placed in the upper bar of the page. You will see the following buttons:

  1. VideoChat. The core feature of the website opens a new window where you can talk to a woman you like face to face.
  2. Ladies Gallery. All women (online users are prioritized) are shown in this section. You can scroll the list endlessly until someone catches your eye.
  3. Search. Use this feature to filter out women that you may not find particularly interesting.
  4. Romance Tours. This button will take you to the page with information about special tours to Ukraine.
  5. Profile Page. Your name will be written inside this button. Use it to go to your profile page.



There are several filters that you can use in order to find women that suit your preferences. You can specify how your potential bride should look like, her interests, hobbies, and marital status. Filters are applied to the whole pool of users and will narrow down your search results to a limited number of users who perfectly fit your criteria.


How to Pay

Nearly all important features require you to spend credits. Everything from creating your own video presentation to talking to girls via the video chat function will require some credits.



The smallest number of credits that you can purchase is 20. This number of credits will cost you €12. The maximum is 750 credits (€299). If you want to send a letter to the lady you like, it will cost you 7 credits. 1 minute of video chatting costs 1 credit. This means that you will need to spend from 175 to 180 credits to get the contact information of a woman you like.


Payment Methods

Use VISA/MasterCard or Discovery to pay for all the services. You can also pay via Western Union or MoneyGram if it’s convenient for you. The selection of banking methods is quite versatile and allows you to keep your personal information safe if you do not like using your financial credentials for online purchases.


Profiles of Users

Your profile may contain a short biography, interest, photos, and a video presentation. All women have at least a couple of photos and most have videos that you can watch. If you go to a profile page of a woman, you will be able to watch her videos, check out her photo galleries, and invite her to a video chat.



You can see the hometown of any woman in their profiles. All the ladies are from Ukraine.


Sexual Orientation

J4l is strictly for straight men seeking for Ukrainian wives. The website features women who are looking for serious relationships.


Possibilities of Exchanging Files and Correspondence

The website allows users to utilize a sophisticated chat room that has a contact list, video sharing option, and an instant messenger. You can also write long letters to women you liked.


User Security

J4l is a professional website created by a group of dedicated developers. The site uses SSL certificates and other means of data protection.



If you want to protect your personal information, make sure to use a separate e-mail address and site-specific username and password. This will help you protect your personal data.


Anti Scam Measures

All women on the website are verified manually by moderators. There are special requirements that every bride-to-be must fulfill before being showcased on J4l. However, suspicious accounts can be reported directly to the support team.



Advantages and Disadvantages of J4l

J4l is a service that does not focus on dating in general. This is a place where a foreigner can meet a beautiful Ukrainian woman and try to build a solid relationship with her. However, this website does have a couple of downsides.



  • Simple and functional;
  • A powerful chat feature;
  • Detailed profile pages.



  • Most features cost credits;
  • The number of ladies is somewhat limited.


Main Takeaway

J4l reviews usually skip the fact that there are not many women here. All of the featured brides are beautiful and speak at least some English, but the number of accounts that pass the verification stage is relatively small. On the other hand, all of them are proactive women!

Rating: 4
  • Release Date: 5/18 /2018

Comments on "J4l Review"

  • Williams

    I signed up for the service about a year ago. My experience was not all roses and smiles. Some aspects of the service were not up to par with my expectations. While women here are friendly and reply to you regularly, customer support could use some improvements. I had my payments delayed for no apparent reason. Not something to make a fuss about, but I would like to avoid such problems. The overall experience is positive.

    Rating: 4
  • HendriX

    If you are ready to pay for the service, you will have a great time. The number of women here is close to infinite. You can make truly memorable acquaintances here. The Ukrainian culture is a bit strange for a Westerner, but people are people everywhere. You won’t find it hard to adapt to some customs and nuances of talking to a woman from Ukraine.

    Rating: 4
  • Tony

    You register, you create a profile, you get a match. Easy-peasy. I don’t know if there is the best website. To be honest, I didn’t try any other services. Meeting friendly enthusiastic Ukrainian girls is enough for me. I feel satisfied as a customer. I fly to Kiev at least twice a month and having a great dating site to meet women from the city online is a great thing.

    Rating: 5
  • Kevin

    A great site with great functionality. I was happy to just sit and browse thousands of profiles while searching for my perfect match. I’ve found Anna and she is perfect. I love her with all my heart. We plan to move together in December. She will come to America and meet my parents. I cannot be more happy! I wish I knew about the site years ago. Building a family when you are 50 years old can be quite hard…

    Rating: 5
  • Thomas

    I’ve always felt some kind of gravitational pull towards the Ukrainian culture. Meeting Ukrainian girl had been my dream for years until I registered on this website. What can I say? Ukrainian women are not that different from ladies in other countries. However, I was very happy with women that I met here and I do not regret my decision to pay for the service. JumpforLove is a great online dating site that brought me a lot of good memories.

    Rating: 4
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