GoDateNow Review

GloriousWriter - March 25, 2018
GoDateNow Review

GoDateNow is a contemporary online dating website brought to you by professionals. The website is a great place to search for a wife or a long-term partner from Ukraine. Beautiful Ukrainian women are waiting for your attention.


About Go Date Now Dating Site

GoDateNow dating site offers a wide variety of communication options and other features that help users find potential matches. This is a well-moderated web platform where women can register and try to find men from abroad. Foreigners are encouraged to visit the website and create new relationships with attractive Ukrainian ladies.

What Is the Service for?

Go Date Now is mostly for those men who are searching for long-lasting relationships. The website is not a standard two-way online dating website. It is a very efficient and safe platform where women can try to search for cavaliers from abroad without being overly proactive. On the other hand, men can easily find interesting potential brides and talk to them without any hassle.


Who Are the Target Audience?

The main audience is comprised of foreign mature men who can afford to pay for high-end services and would like to meet a woman from Ukraine. Most features are protected by a paywall which diminishes the effects of online harassment and helps to ensure that all the parties have serious intentions when engaging in a relationship.


GoDateNow Website

The website looks like a contemporary online service that loads pages quickly and offers you a lot of useful features that significantly improve your experience.

How to Register

The registration process takes less than a minute. You will need to fill out a very small form that requires you to provide your e-mail address, username, and password. You will need to confirm your e-mail before paying for services or using the website to its fullest potential.

You can also use an account on Facebook to log in. This is a much faster option and will not anyhow affect your page in social media.


You Can Sign Up GoDateNow Here >>


How to Use the Website

There is nothing easier than using this website. While there are some exquisite features and a very versatile chat, everything is organized in a way that completely negates any confusion.



There are four main buttons:

  1. Chat. This button will open a new window with a video chat equipped with a functional contact list.
  2. Members gallery. Here you can check out women and their profiles.
  3. Find Your Match. It transports you to the search page.
  4. Support. Here you can open a ticket and describe a problem with the service if you have any.

On the upper bar of the page, you will see links to messages, invites to chat, likes, and profile page. These are mostly used for notifications.



As on many other bride searching websites, you will be able to narrow down the list of women shown to you by adding specific criteria. You can change age, height, weight, eye color, and many other parameters to find a woman that fully fits your preferences.


How to Pay

Even some basic features are hidden behind a paywall. This is a common practice for many websites that want to protect both parties from irresponsibility. Paying means commitment, and this is something that most women are looking for in men. Ukrainian women are picky and won’t try to have a quick marriage with just anyone.



GoDateNow offers a wide variety of credit packages. Depending on your budget, you can purchase the necessary amount of virtual currency that can be spent on messaging, video chats, and much more. There are some extremely small packages for those who only want to check out the service but do not want to get involved. You may purchase up to 750 credits. Use them to send letters (7 credits each) or watch videos uploaded by women.

Note that you can obtain direct contacts of any given women if you spend enough credits (25 letters or 180 minutes) on communication with her.


Payment Methods

Go Date Now dating site accepts VISA, Discovery, and MasterCard. You can also opt for less trivial options such as Western Union and MoneyGram. Both latter methods are good if you want to keep your credentials as far from online payments as possible.


Profiles of Users

Users have detailed profiles with extensive “About Me” sections, lists of interests, basic information, and more. All women are obliged to upload high-quality photos and some create special albums that are available only to those who have a password. A handful of women are brave enough to upload their video presentations.


All women are from Ukraine.


Sexual orientation

Go Date Now is created specifically for foreign straight men who are looking for brides or long-term partners from Ukraine.


Possibilities of Exchanging Files and Correspondence

Go Date Now has several communication channels that you can use:

  1. Video chat is a great way to talk with someone before any sort of commitment. Most registered members are obliged to have a webcam by the rules of the website.
  2. Messages. You can write long letters with as much information as you want in them. One letter costs 7 credits.


View Girls Profiles On GoDateNow.com >>


User Security

The website is fully secured and has all the necessary means of data protection in place. You will receive a notification that your connection is secure. Facebook does not work with websites that may compromise your data.



The existing security measures do not mean that you can relax and forget about the basic principles of online safety. Use alternative e-mail accounts, usernames, and passwords to make sure that your personal credentials are not used. Additionally, consider paying for services via Western Union since it is much safer.


Anti Scam Measures

The support team is very helpful and quickly reacts to all the allegations about fraudulent activities. You can create a ticket and complain about users that look like scammers to you.


Advantages and Disadvantages of GoDateNow

Go Date Now reviews usually point out various aspects of the service but rarely touch upon immediate paywalls. This is certainly one of the biggest issues with the service. Otherwise, this website is just as good as any other top bride searching platform.




  • Detailed profiles with photos and videos;
  • A versatile video chat;
  • Hundreds of interesting women.



  • You must pay for messaging and chatting;
  • Sometimes chat windows lag.


Main Takeaway

Go Date Now offers a good opportunity to meet a woman from Ukraine. If you are looking for a Slavic princess that can change your life, you will most likely find one here, on Go Date Now.

Rating: 5
  • Release Date: 10/19/2018

Comments on "GoDateNow Review"

  • Dan

    I cannot really say that this website is the best. I’ve seen better. However, the level of customer support here is much better than in some other places. Admins were very helpful on several occasions. In terms of features that many seem to praise, I didn’t notice anything outstanding. It is a great website, no doubt, but there are sites that look and work better.

    Rating: 5
  • William D.

    Trust me, this dating site is the real deal. If you like the idea of meeting someone online, building a relationship, and meeting in real life eventually, do not miss your chance with GoDateNow. They have outstanding customer support and created a truly inspiring community of people who want to find their significant others!

    Rating: 5
  • Mike G.

    GoDateNow is a perfect dating site for serious relationships. There are thousands of users who are willing to have at least a conversation with you. And about dates. It is up to you to make it happen. I believe that online dating is a much better choice for everyone. You can find people of similar interests easily.

    Rating: 5
  • Christopher

    You can’t say “online dating” without saying “go date now!” This website is a great place for anyone who wants to meet a special person. I met dozens of amazing girls here. Not every single one of them was happy about me and my social skills, but some were. Check out this site and best of luck in your romantic adventures!

    Rating: 5
  • Ksenia

    I love this website. Registering on GoDateNow was easy and I met a bunch of great guys here. I totally like it and recommend it to those who want to have an easy online date. Lots of guys are easy going and want to have a small chit chat before meeting IRL. I’ve been here for at least a year and it was a blast. So many kind and good guys.

    Rating: 5
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