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Being single, many people desperately spend so much time trying out different ways to find a perfect match. Every day they are looking for different online dating services to figure out which one is the most effective and affordable, and of course can meet their needs.
We spent approximately a week to find the best solution. After checking well-known dating sites, coming across many profiles, we met and decided it is the best overall service.


About Dating Site is now the website that covers more than 32 countries around the world and has millions of registered users. New cutting-edge technologies allow singles to feel dating better than ever. What initially began as a regular dating site, has grown into a huge platform where singles all around the world can find each other and establish tight relationships using a great variety of communication tools. Having been used the service for months, we see that is dedicated to ensuring that you will have a safe and fun dating experience. This service has perfectly matched “unmatched things” providing singles with a smart dating performance, affordable and customized communication tools.


What is the service for?

As not every dating site does, this service makes people closer no matter where they are. As is represented in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, the main idea is to show singles that there are no borders and make them look much further afield.


For whom service?

The website attracts members of every age group and gives them an opportunity to look for casual dates and deep relationships in a fun online environment. Bringing singles together and making people closer to each other is what is aimed at.


Site Description, ease of use is a user-friendly dating site with clear and transparent tools. Being on the home page of the dating site, you can find all appropriate and needed information on how this service works, the main advantages, pricing and privacy policy. Moreover, even if you still have any doubts or not sure about using this service, there is Help Center where the support team can help you with any issues.


How to register

The signup process has never been so easy – choose your gender, who you are seeking and between ages of your future partner. Moreover, you can sign up connecting your Google profile. It is much more convenient as you don’t have to fill in all the fields, upload photos etc. When the signup process is done, you will be automatically logged in and asked to confirm your email to complete registration. In order to get your profile prepared and make it look much more attractive, you can upload more photos or tell people more about yourself and who you are seeking. For example, where you live, work, your habits, even your body type or color of your eyes and hair. Pay special attention to your interests – if you are looking for a person to travel with, choose ‘travelling’ as your interest.


You Can Sign Up Here >>


How to use

There is nothing special or difficult in terms of how to use The site is optimized so it doesn’t matter you are 25 or 50. On the home page, you can see photos of other singles who may be your potential partners, if you like some of them just press on the picture and you will get to the profile. Here you can find all the needed details: photos, interests, ‘about me’ information. One of the coolest features is that a user can choose its today’s mood or intentions (romantic, flirty, serious or naughty). Moreover, for those users who prefer to be online from mobile devices, there are both Android and iOS apps available.


Navigation and Filtres

One of the main advantages of is a simple and quite smart navigation. Let’s be honest, we all have a partner of our dreams. We all have an ideal image keeping it 24/7 inside our heads. Using outstanding navigation tools, you can precisely combine your thoughts and dreams with reality. It has never been so easy to find a perfect match in terms of interests, hobbies, region or even body type! You would hardly find so many navigation tools and options anywhere as at All filters are there within a click.


How to pay: Purchases and Payment systems

If you want to make real connections at, you will have to subscribe to the dating site. Only paid subscribers can send messages, emails, photos, videos and so on. One-month subscription includes 20 Credits, 10 Free Chats, 10 Free emails, Free Introduction Messages. Your subscription will be automatically renewed every month until you cancel it. Credits are usually used for basic chats, one-way video or live streaming, emails etc. It won’t take too much time to make a purchase. There are two payment methods available: using your credit card or PayPal.


Profiles of users: Region, Sexual Orientation profiles highlight personality providing all the necessary information as a person’s interests, basic details, sexual orientation, place the person lives in, habits, body type, education, occupation.

View Girls Profiles On >>


Possibilities of filling and correspondence

If you want to get in touch with someone just press ‘Chat now’ button, but keep in mind that real connections at this dating site is possible only if you have credits on your balance. In addition, there are many tools, which allow users to choose the most convenient way to communicate with each other. If you feel shy at the moment, you can begin with basic chatting, but when you get more acquainted with a person then it is high time to use one-way video streaming.


User Security

If you are looking for a reliable place for quality dates, is definitely that place you really need. This dating site keeps its members completely safe and uses different precautions.



Moreover, has developed a safe dating environment by protecting all members with its policy. Anyone can make a complaint to the dating site and expect a response within 24 hours.


Anti Scam

Also, constantly encourages its active members to red-flag any profile seeming suspicious or showing abusive, harmful, fake or any kind of inappropriate content. All reported profiles will be forwarded to investigation team and may be entirely deleted from the site if the evidence of malicious activity is confirmed.


Advantages and disadvantages of using service


  • A huge, diverse and global user base, which includes people of different age groups, orientations and backgrounds.
  • Live support available.
  • The up-to-date guide to help new members learn more about the dating site and stay safe.
  • Global presence.
  • Help Center team is available by email and in the live chat.
  • Smart navigation tools.
  • Great variety of communication tools.
  • Available for mobile devices.



  • Auto-reply messages make users think they’ve got a real message instead of automated greeting one.
  • Can be time-consuming while looking through all the choices and matches.
  • Some features are only available to paid users


Short description is a fast-growing dating site with the global presence. Over the last few years, this dating platform has attracted millions of users who are still active. The fact is has helped many of its members to build lasting relationships. The dating site keeps pace with requirements and needs of modern society perfecting its tools and algorithms providing users with TOP-notch online dating experience.
With its smart features, simple navigation and professional attitude, we see why has been around so long.

Rating: 5

Comments on " Review"

  • Graham T. Renken

    This is one of those websites that immediately catch your attention with functionality and lots of cool features. You will be happy to become their customer. As a paying customer myself, I can only recommend this online dating site to people who are looking for more than a friend.
    My personal experience was very positive. I met a couple of people who I had an immediate connection with. If you want to meet someone truly destined to be with you, check out this website!

    Rating: 5
  • Brandon Grey

    Do you believe in miracles? I didn’t. Until I registered at Here, I’ve met the one and only Kim. My wife and soon-to-be mother of my children. This was a fairytale that I tell everyone if I have a chance. I did not believe in online dating. However, the true love of my life was waiting for me somewhere on the internet!

    Rating: 5
  • Jimmy

    I rate this website very highly. There are so many ways to talk to women here. You don’t just “swipe” left and right or exchange a couple of texts. You can send a lengthy letter to tell everything about yourself. You can send photos and profiles are very informative. I love this website.

    Rating: 5
  • Sam Atkinson

    The name speaks for itself. This is a website for dating. Online dating. The website is tailored for those who want to find a person to build a couple with. There are so many options for anyone. You can meet a truly interesting person who will impress you with their ability to talk about mutual interests. I personally had a lot of interactions with people that will stay in my memory for years! I cannot recommend this website more! 5 out of 5 stars, definitely!

    Rating: 5
  • Grenn

    Some websites are just created to make people happier. I think here is one of them. is a great place for anyone who seeks for either a good friend or a woman that would be happy to share a home with them. I made friends with many people here. I’m not really looking for a romantic adventure here. However, if I can find someone for me, I will go for it.

    Rating: 5
  • Danger0us_Man

    My personal belief is that websites that do not have anything special to offer do not deserve any attention. While I think that this is a very good site for online dating, there is nothing special in this site. Everything is hidden behind a massive paywall and many women answer only to check out whether you are “worth” their time. I don’t know. It feels very unfair to me. If you can pay for a service, you get to meet all sorts of women. If you cannot pay, you have to work hard.

    Rating: 3
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