BuddyGays Review

GloriousWriter - November 09, 2018
BuddyGays Review

About BuddyGays Dating Site

BuddyGays is a portal in which there are only and exclusively homosexuals interested in getting to know gays and bisexuals. You can feel free to contact whoever you want and write down everything that goes through your head, without having to worry about making a bad impression or being cheated by a fake profile.


What is the service for?

Tired of those random and inconclusive encounters with people of the same sex you seem to have no affinity with? Do you want to meet new people to talk with, spend a pleasant evening or maybe start a relationship? You’re in the right place!


For whom is the service?

BuddyGays is created for men looking for men; so no matter where you live, you can join the site and browse thousands of profiles created by single guys looking for all kind of relationships, from casual to long-term commitments.


Site Description, ease of use

For years, millions of gay singles all over the world have chosen BuddyGays to find a soul mate. An elegant graphic design and the guarantee of safety and reliability make it one of the best gay dating sites in circulation. Ideal for those looking for a serious and lasting relationship, BuddyGays subjects the members to a thorough personality test to ensure maximum affinity with the profiles proposed. The service is also available on mobile and as an iPhone application.
BuddyGays is a very complete dating site, which offers users a great set of tools to find a soul mate. Also available as a mobile version and as an app for iPhone, BuddyGays is a well-made and effective website. An elegant and extremely user-friendly layout, allowing easy and immediate navigation. Upon registration, the user is subjected to a very detailed and accurate personality test and after viewing the results, he/she will be able to consult a series of selected profiles based on their affinities. The site offers a section dedicated to advising for new members, to the curiosity and testimonies of users who have chosen BuddyGays and have found the love of their lives. High security and reliability are guaranteed, thanks also to the possibility of checking your profile and reporting offensive or explicit profiles.


How to register

According to multiple BuddyGays reviews, setting up a profile here is as easy as a pie, but at the same time, you will be given the advantage of personality testing that will exponentially drive up your chances of meeting your true match. The user is asked to respond to a personality test based on scientific criteria. The compilation of the test, structured in three parts, takes about 10-15 minutes and can also be done in several successive logins. In the first part, the user answers about thirty multiple choice questions related to his personality, in the second he is asked to instinctively choose between pairs of images shown on the screen, while in the final part of the quiz the user must indicate his own reaction in certain situations and contexts. At the end of the test, the user will have to enter a series of personal information and will be asked to liven up his profile by writing something about himself. Uploading a profile photo is not mandatory.


How to use

A site that is very easy to use. Simple and well structured, it should not cause problems for users of all ages. Viewing your data and editing the profile information is simple: just scroll the mouse over the various sections and the edit icon will appear. The site does not offer instant messaging or chat services, but it is possible to comment on the status updates of the users displayed.


Site navigation

Even if they give you the opportunity at BuddyGays to sign up for free, for a subscription to be able to unlock premium features that you otherwise could not access in any way.



The site offers the user a series of potentially similar profiles among which it is possible to carry out research by applying filters linked to common interests. The related profiles are automatically selected based on the information entered during the compilation of the personality test and profile data. It is not possible to visualize the totality of the members of the site but to obtain a wider range of matches, the user has the possibility to modify the basic search criteria (age, height, smoker/non-smoker, country of origin) and display a new list of people similar to him. The user is invited to complete his / her profile in all its parts to obtain a greater number of matches compatible with his personality and his needs, as well as a higher number of views and contacts.


How to pay



The site offers three variants of viewing and using its services: as an unregistered guest, as a free member (unpaid-for membership) and as a full member with a paid fee. There is also a booster package available at additional cost. As an unregistered visitor (guest) or with an unpaid membership, you will have access to very limited features of the website. Although you will be given the opportunity to create a profile and upload up to 21 photographs of you, there will be no chatting option available.


Payment systems

At BuddyGays, you can pay using your regular credit card, internet card or PayPal. The security of payment is boosted by encryption.

Profiles of users

User Region

Users at BuddyGays come from every nook and cranny of the world. During the registration process, you will be asked to enter your postal code and your city in order for the system to find gay singles in your area.

Sexual orientation

BuddyGays is a dating space created entirely for homosexual men looking for relationships, hookups, friendships and everything in between. Singles looking for company on the web grow exponentially with the passing of the years, but it is not always easy to trust the Internet with closed eyes because it is sometimes possible to run into fake profiles or even worse in dangerous situations.


Possibilities of filing and correspondence

In order to be able to contact other users and for them to contact you, you will need to purchase a full membership at BuddyGays. You will then be charged for using additional services like SMS chat. Chatting, email exchange, and video chats are available on BuddyGays dating site.
Often when you are looking for a company you are aiming to meet in person, to meet each other in front of a cup of coffee, a dinner, or during a walk. Being in contact with someone is the best way to interact because you have the opportunity to look him in the eye and to understand his interest and intentions from his body language.
It is not said, however, that being in search of meetings necessarily means wanting to meet someone in person: it is also possible to limit yourself to the simple chat if you just want to exchange a few chats. But if the chat is not enough but you want to see who is on the other side of the computer there is no problem: BuddyGays offers a video chat service to see live the person you are talking to.


This is not to be underestimated if you think that you have the opportunity to discover the appearance and character of the person who might be interested even before meeting it closely: so you have to play in advance and understand if you carry on the knowledge or if the other is not our type.


User Security



BuddyGays has always been a guarantee of maximum safety, discretion, and reliability. After registering, you can have your identity verified by mobile phone. Furthermore, in order to maintain a high quality of service, users have the possibility to report profiles that contain explicit material, false information or offensive statements.


Anti Scam

Have you thought that the person you are chatting with can be totally invented? What if a heterosexual is hiding behind your favorite user? You have to consider all the hypotheses of this type when you move on the Net. Although you need to exercise caution while putting your profile out there, but the customer support representatives at BuddyGays verify every profile in order to make your networking experience safe.


Advantages and disadvantages of using service



  • Personality tests to help the site improve correspondences
  • Relational skills testing to find out if you are ready for a serious relationship
  • Daily emails with a ‘match of the day’ or constant advice from members who share your character or interests
  • Interaction events to help users socialize
  • Informal online forums that offer you the opportunity to connect with other users
  • Nice flirting tools like sending teasers, smiles or direct messages
  • Articles and suggestions on safe and successful online meetings.




  • Limited features for guests and unpaid members
  • A rather steep cost
  • All additional features come at a separate cost


Short conclusion

Do not be afraid to get involved and discover your strengths and weaknesses: through this totally efficient site that you can find what is right for you, from young men to older ones. There are so many opportunities, you just have to evaluate some reviews and subscribe to the site.

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