Anastasia Date Review

GloriousWriter - May 06, 2018
Anastasia Date Review

About AnastasiaDate Dating Site

AnastasiaDate dating site is created as a European dating web service to help people find love and build a family.


What is the service for?

AnastasiaDate reviews have shown that the service is oriented for building strong family relationships.


For whom service?

AnastasiaDate is created for people with strong family values and serious intentions. Becoming a member of the service is a guarantee that a person is ready to build a family.


Site Description, ease of use

AnastasiaDate looks easy to use. However, the personal account is more complex than the main page. The homepage represents the main idea, beautiful design and a few reviews from existing clients. After registering it becomes more complex but effective.


How to register

The registration process is very simple. Every person can make an account within two clicks. However, it is necessary to fill in the information under your account to have more chances of meeting love. It is recommended to pay special attention to pictures and personal description.


You Can Sign Up AnastasiaDate Here >>


Navigation site

The website navigation is not as simple and user-friendly as other dating websites have, but it is functional and working. After registering the list of potential partners will appear. The ‘search’ option helps to filter candidates by age, location, and interests. In spite of being a European service, the most popular countries are Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Serbia.


Filtering offers to find a partner for a certain age in a certain country. It is also possible to filter users by interests which makes the search more precise. ‘Search’ option is a convenient way to find a person you are looking for faster and more efficient.

How to pay

Payment proceeds when a member decides to upgrade his or her account. Upgrading is necessary for additional services, such as communication, sending gifts, looking through personal photos, and many others. Paid communication provides an additional level of security from scam accounts.



The website offers buying credits. Credit system gives all the privileges of the service like live chat, emails, video communication, sending gifts, watching videos, and many others. It is not possible to chat with AnastasiaDate members without buying credits. There is a one time offer which includes 20 credits only for three dollars. Live chat costs one credit per minute. Video communication costs six credits, and email will charge your account with ten dollars.


Payment systems

AnastasiaDate accepts credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Discover.


Profiles of users

The website position itself as a European dating service. However, AnastasiaDate’s most popular countries are Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, and other. For Europeans, it is necessary to know that family values in these countries are different They are stronger, have more traditions, and valued more. Each profile has a clear photo, age, general information such as appearance, education, occupation, character, interest, and type of partner a person prefers.


View Girls Profiles On >>


User Region

AnastasiaDate dating web service has no borders and connects people all around the world. Majority of the profiles are registered in Ukraine, Russian Federation, Moldova, Greece, and other countries. These locations are well-known as more family than career oriented. That is something to keep in mind when creating an account.


Sexual orientation

AnastasiaDate supports only traditional relationships for building families and rising next generation.


Possibilities of filling and correspondence

AnastasiaDate reviews faced no difficulties in communication services. There are their methods represented on the website: live chat, emails, and video communication. Live chat help in getting to know each other, feeling the presence of the person on the other side of the screen; email brings romance to correspondence; video chat creates an intimate connection between two. This is the last stage before the personal meeting if any.

User Security

Everywhere on the main page, there is information about the importance of security. The service doesn’t use personal data provided by users during the registration for personal purposes. It also doesn’t share it with third parties and proceeds in compliance with the law.



The safety is an essential part of using any dating service. Every website provides protective measures, as well as AnastasiaDate, but there is always a chance to get into trouble. Keeping elementary security measures such as not sharing any personal information, credit card details and other, will keep you from unpleasant consequences.


Anti Scam

AnastasiaDate, like any other dating website, is vulnerable to scam accounts. In fact, people, who seem to be reliable and safe, may turn into scammers. AnastasiaDate is providing the highest level of security and check accounts manually to prevent any abuse. However, if there is a chance, ever user should acknowledge the risks. Safe services are the aim of every internet user.



Advantages and disadvantages of using service

AnastasiaDate is one of the advanced services which create community-oriented for family relationships. The dating website has many ways to improve services though.



  • The homage of the website looks well-designed and user-friendly.
  • It is responsive and informative without any adds and pop-ups.
  • The registration process is fast and convenient.
  • There are many users with strong family values who are looking for the chance to create a family.



  • The user’s account I sold fashioned but functional.
  • Filtering has only a few fields and makes a choice harder.



Short description

Every dating website has a positive aim. There are plenty of difficulties on the way, but AnastasiaDate has managed to gather a strongly motivated community of family-oriented people. This is the place to find a spouse, husband, wife, best friend, and believed in a single person. The service is dealing with scam accounts and provides clients with the best experience despite the old-fashioned design. The service can be characterized as reliable and safe.

Rating: 5

Comments on "Anastasia Date Review"

  • Franciszek

    Polish guy here! I love AnastasiaDate. It is very simple in terms of navigation. People here are very friendly and answer quite frequently. I don’t know whether I will be sticking with this dating site or look for something else. So far, the website seems to be enjoyable. Again, people are very friendly here. Don’t know if I can leave the community!)

    Rating: 4
  • Sebastian

    I’m from Europe. Dating sites are not that popular in Spain, but I personally think that online dating is the future of dating. Anastasia Date is one of those cool sites where you can meet Slavic women who can speak English and will gladly answer men who are interested in them. I met a lot of really intriguing women here!

    Rating: 5
  • Kevin Dane

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been looking for a dating site where I could meet Russian women. It is a dream of my life to meet someone from that mysterious country. This website looks like a perfect place to start searching! I definitely will be checking out soon. AnastasiaDates looks really simple and nice. Thanks for the pictures as well.

    Rating: 4
  • Alina

    The website is great for women. All accounts are verified. I had to send a bunch of photos and was asked about them in the live chat. I thought that such attention to the credibility of users is not real, but Anastasia Date had me sending them copies of my documents, photos, and more. That was an exhausting verification process. However, it feels that I get a lot of attention here, so I’m happy.

    Rating: 5
  • Alex

    I don’t know about payments and communication options that the reviewer talks about. I was able to connect with a couple of women without paying a dime. Women do often answer and provide contact information. You will need to be “convincing”, but women here do respond. You don’t necessarily need to pay. Other dating sites often bill for every single feature. However, you can speak to anyone here. The lack of free video chat is a bummer though.

    Rating: 5
  • JohnDoe

    I must agree with the review. The website is one of the best out there. I love everything about it. The site looks simple, yet it has a lot of great little details in terms of functionality that help users quickly search for people who they may match with. In general, this site is a great place to make friends and maybe even find a romantic endeavor.

    Rating: 5
  • DonnyM

    A lot of beautiful women. They all are eager to answer. It was a pleasant change of pace. I’m an avid user of dating sites. Often, women there aren`t very welcoming. Here, I was able to make a couple of great acquaintances and speak to many real women. Not a single fake account. I’ve been to many other sites where fakes are quite common. Guess, I’ve been lucky with Anastasia Dating. They have that rough verification process and it works.

    Rating: 4
  • Anita

    I joined the website to find a man who could not only interest me as a romantic partner but also become a husband in some distant future. The website seemed intuitive. I was able to register and create an account in no time. If you want to jump right into the action and meet someone proactive, I think, this website is the best choice.

    Rating: 5
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